Daphne Ryder-Wagner
2016 to Present
Purchased in 2016, she was little worse for wear. One of her carburetors had sunk a float and she was running on two cylinders. On top of that, the rear deck was unfinished and the power windows were wired with incorrect switches. The carpet was missing in the trunk and engine bay. One of the door panels was off while they were troubleshooting the window problems. We took her to a Volkswagen specialist and had all the carpet replaced; the carburetors repaired and tuned; repaired and fixed the power windows; and finished the rear deck. Finally we had a dependable little show car and the mascot for Daphne's new store.
Kid - Cypress, Texas
???? to 2016
Built by Chuck Weimer - Tenino, Washington
1994 to ????
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